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COMPANY Elevating Yacht Repair and Refit Services

In the vast expanse of maritime enterprises, Group Barco stands as a beacon of excellence in yacht repair and refit services. With a diverse array of departments specializing in various facets of marine engineering, the company has established itself as a trusted partner for yacht owners…

SERVICES Extensive Yacht Repair and Refit Services



Focuses on mechanical and engineering tasks, ensuring that the propulsion systems, engines, and onboard machinery of yachts are operating at peak performance.



Specializing in metalwork, welding, and boiler-making, this department handles structural repairs and modifications to the hull and superstructure of yachts with precision and expertise.



Department dedicated to hydraulic systems, ensures the smooth operation of hydraulic components such as steering systems, stabilizers, and thrusters, enhancing the safety and manoeuvrability of yachts.


CNC Machining

Leveraging advanced CNC machining technology, this department manufactures custom components and parts with unparalleled precision, facilitating seamless repairs and upgrades for yachts of all sizes.

NEWS Get on Board

CNC MACHINING Advanced CNC Machining technology for customs components and parts with high precision