For Grupo Barco, and each of the group companies (Barco, Casco and Yacht), the quality of our services is a key standard that we apply in all our contracted jobs. We passionately believe in this and that’s why we apply it daily. What’s more, we hold the necessary certifications to ensure quality services and we’re firmly committed to the ongoing training of our operators.

That said, not only do we apply these principles throughout our company, but we also believe that they should be applied throughout the yachting industry, which is why we form part of associations to guarantee quality among all the companies in this ever-influential sector in the Balearic Islands.

Founding Member of the Association of the Nautical Development of Companies    and Self-employed. 

Member of the Association of Small and Medium Enterprises. 

Member of the Nautical Sector Commission. 

Lloyd’s welding certificate.



Our vast experience led to the idea of creating a workshop with a specialised workforce and of showing how the essence of our work is reflected in the way of understanding the technical specs of a yacht and what this means for her owner. We’re a technically experienced and qualified team and we know that we work for a discerning client who loves their yacht.

As a company, we boast values conveyed from our creators to our employees, our clients and our partners, always working with responsibility, tenacity and honesty, while tailoring each job to each client. We believe in teamwork, so we convey the need for everyone to love their own job in order to deliver an optimal result as a team. And we’re immensely proud of that.


Training is key for Grupo Barco, as we’re fully aware of its importance for the future of young people working in such an influential industry.
We have agreements with institutions and training schools, meaning that our company is one of the most important in the Balearic Islands in the recruitment and career development of young people so that they can carry out internships and prepare for the world of work.


It goes without saying that environmental protection is an absolute necessity worldwide, yet for us the marine environment is the future not just of the world, but also of our industry.
The development and innovation of new environmentally friendly technologies and products is a challenge and an added value that we want to transmit from our group.