Oct 5, 2020


Grupo Barco wanted to support and foster the creation of a new association to defend the yachting industry in the Balearic Islands, and consequently all the freelancers and SMEs involved in it.

Yachting is one of the few industries with growth potential in the Balearic Islands. To defend its development, Grupo Barco believes that it should always focus on two cornerstones:
 • Partnerships between SMEs and freelancers in different projects in order to bolster the range of services available.
• Cross-training in all types of services in order to guarantee a qualified workforce, which is a competitive advantage when it comes to quality assurance.
The main focuses of ADNEA are:
1) Working for the common good of the industry.
2) Searching for projects that identify the Balearic yachting industry outside our borders.
3) Showcasing the Balearic Islands and their yards as one of the top destinations in the world for yacht refit and repair.
4) Supporting the yachting industry and its interests by mediating with public institutions.
5) Giving a voice to all SMEs and freelancers who work in the yacht refit and repair industry.

As a commitment to these principles and the defence of the yachting industry, Alex Casares, founding partner of Grupo Barco, is the association’s first chairman.