Feb 13, 2021

On Saturday 13 February, Didac Costa crossed the finish line in Les Sable-d’Olonne in twentieth position, once again fulfilling his dream of circumnavigating the world. No less than 28,172.67 miles sailed, non-stop and single-handedly, taking 97 days, 6 hours, 27 minutes and 3 seconds, with an average speed of 12.07 knots. This is a historic feat because not only did he manage to arrive in under 100 days and beat his record from the 2016-17 edition, when he did it in 108 days, but also because he became the first Spaniard to finish the Vendée Globe twice!

SUCCESS: this is the word we want to use to describe this project. After many difficulties, Didac has achieved it again. He’s happy and he’s proud, and GRUPO BARCO can only say that it has been a true pleasure to take part in this project, because of the values it conveys, the fantastic teamwork and – above all – Didac’s recurring motto: don’t stop chasing your dreams.

An extremely exciting arrival for all of us who have been involved.

Didac, you’re AMAZING!

Team Didac, you’re AMAZING!

And special thanks to project manager Pep Costa, an amazing person.